L'ANELLO DELLE PERDONANZE - The ring of forgiveness
L'ANELLO DELLE PERDONANZE - The ring of forgiveness


Path: Ceneda – Borgo Botteon - Trincee – Ceneda
Lenght: 6,5 km
Difference in altitude: 250 m
Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 1:30 - 2 hours


This itinerary is one of the most characteristic and suggestive routes in Vittorio Veneto. We will explore the area of ​​the Ceneda starting from the center of the ancient city.

We start from Piazza del Duomo, with an excellent parking and various places to sleep, eat or just relax. In the square we also find the Museo della Battaglia, recently revisited and restored for the anniversary of the end of the First World War. We take the road that leads us north, making a first stop at the wonderful Villa Papadopoli which houses some of the most interesting monumental trees of the Treviso area.

Leaving the Villa we go in the direction of Castello del Vescovo "Fortifications of Ceneda - I Palazi" along Via Brevia, then we turn to Via S. Rocco leaving the road that leads to the Castle, which can be visited with a 5-minute detour. At the end of the first ascent we leave the road that climbs towards the hill of S. Paolo (with via Crucis). Then we go up to the left up to the hill of S. Rocco with the homonymous church and a beautiful view on the whole historical center, the hills of the east side and the Cansiglio. From here we descend along the suggestive staircase that leads us to the village of San Fris.

Once off the main road, follow the hills to the right. After a hundred meters we will find the indication on the left for the church of the Madonna di Loreto, Perdonanze. We will take it and we will start the Cai 1042 path. We will follow the path first along the course of the torrent and then in steep ascent passing the motorway. The environment is wild with a typical thermophilic forest and sedimentary rocks such as the evident sandstones and the conglomerates that characterize the whole area of ​​the Vittorio hills. We avoid all the deviations on the left indicating Montebello or Bigontina crest and we arrive at a Capitello and at the Case Botteon, a village with a mountain atmosphere.

Here we find a crossroads: we will take later to return to Vittorio the road that goes down to the left but now we follow the main route finding after a few meters another crossroads that allows us to continue our excursion to S. Lorenzo-Monte Baldo (always path 1042). Instead we will continue along the main road until we reach the little church of the Madonna di Loreto, the highest point of our itinerary. From here the road continues towards Tarzo.

We return to Borgo Botteon and follow the white road, partly paved, which goes down to the Trenches area. Here we can see one of the many Austro-Hungarian trenches (Perdonanzestellung) built during the invasion year in 1917 when all the hills were a sort of active front from which you could control the Italian front line beyond the Piave (zone of the Montello). Didactic panels tell us the history of the place. We continue for about 300 m on a white road. Exactly at the point where the asphalt starts, we can take a steep path that descends to the left and therefore avoid continuing on asphalt. Just ahead we can also find the excellent Osteria delle Perdonanze. We follow the downhill path along via Montebello until we reach a sheep pen, cross the motorway and return to the Perdonanze road.
We then come out in via Gallina and arrive at a capital dedicated to the “Celeste Regina del Rosario”. From here we will quickly return to the Piazza del Duomo in Ceneda.

Museum of the Battle - Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo I


La Loggia - Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo I, 10 Vittorio Veneto TV

Vecchia Ceneda - Via del Fante 37, Vittorio Veneto TV

Osteria La Checchina - Via Enrico Toti 83, Vittorio Veneto TV

Osteria Perdonanze - Via delle Perdonanze 10, Vittorio Veneto TV