L'ANELLO DEL MONTE ALTARE - The ring of the Mount Altare
L'ANELLO DEL MONTE ALTARE - The ring of the Mount Altare


Path: Piazza del Popolo – Area Fenderl – Monte Altare – Case Foda – Via dei Posocon – castello di San Martino – Salsa – Piazza del Popolo
Length: 7 km
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 2 hours


The hills that you do not expect

The route of the Monte Altare allows us to cross a suggestive and wild area of ​​the Vittorio hills. On the west side the motorway removes the magic that these places kept until not many years ago. Departure from Piazza del Popolo in Vittorio Veneto, a meeting place for the two cities of Ceneda and Serravalle that joined together on 27 September 1866 to celebrate the unity of Italy.

From the square we go towards the station and take the railway underpass. On the opposite side we go up a path that leads to a dirt road that we take downhill. We continue towards the Fenderl Area where we can appreciate a pleasant and varied Park. Let's take the ascent path that leads us to the illustrative panels of the territory and an interesting project in memory of Tommaso, a recently missing boy.

We follow the left path going up until we reach Casa Bastanzetti. From here we’ll find numerous paths and the whole area of ​​Mount Altare is a labyrinth of tracks. Following the trail, we first climb gently and then steeply until we reach the highest point which, with a detour to the left, would lead us to the top of Mount Altare by taking a tiring path. In the area of ​​Mount Altare have been found remains of prehistoric origin, which indicate the ancient presence of these hills.

Following the trail, we go down to Case Foda and the junction for San Lorenzo. We will take path 1042A first and 1041 after. This trail goes around the hill and will take us to Case Segat. We will leave the track on the left that goes up to the Cross of Mount Altare and along 1041 we will continue to the Castle of San Martino. Pay attention not to lose the track, considering the numerous paths, which will allow us splendid views of the city. From San Martino we will descend to San Michele in the Salsa locality and from here along the Viale della Vittoria we will return to Piazza del Popolo.


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