I MISTERI DEL FADALTO - The mysteries of Fadalto
I MISTERI DEL FADALTO - The mysteries of Fadalto

Path: Sella Fadalto – Borgo Brigola – (Col Canin-Verdil) – Caloniche di Sopra – Caloniche di Sotto – Sella Fadalto
Lenght: 4 km
Difference in altitude: 200 m
Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 1 hour


An evocative route that leads us to discover these ancient mountain villages. This itinerary allows you to explore the area of the Fadalto and offers magnificent views (unfortunately marred by the motorway) over the Val Lapisina (Dead Lake), the Alpago, the lake of s. Croce and the Cansiglio.

We propose a short and suitable trail for everyone, but no less interesting. Those who wish to trek can go in the direction of Col Faverghera following TV 1 as far as the splendid Verdil meadows, the Armada, the Tombaril spring and descending along path 985. Our path starts in Sella Fadalto and we take the road that climbs to the right without directions. After passing a house we take a white road that climbs gently. At the junction we follow to the left and we arrive up to Borgo Brigola, a pleasant abandoned village. From here we continue in a southerly direction reaching the meadows of Borgo Salvador. We can see the route that goes up towards the mountain indicated as Tv 1 or Alta Via delle Prealpi Trevigiane.

This path is very steep and is suitable for well-trained walkers but offers splendid views. In the area of ​​Col Canin, the episode of the 1967 air crash in which an aircraft crashed in this area is still remembered.

Following the trail, we descend instead to Borgo Salvador or Caloniche di Sopra and from here along the meadows to the Caloniche di Sotto. From the village we can return to the starting point along the paved road.

Memorial stone of the 1967 aerial disaster, Le caloniche


Ristorante-pizzeria La Baita - località Lastra 65, Sella Fadalto