LA VALLE GLACIALE - The glacial valley
LA VALLE GLACIALE - The glacial valley


Path: Savassa Bassa - Basso Nove - Croda Rossa - Forcal - Savassa Bassa
Lenght: 9,6 km
Difference in altitude: 320 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 3 hours


Val Lapisina brings with it the signs of the Paleopiave glacier which, for a few millennia, remained isolated with a hundred-meter-thick ice tongue in this valley. During his retirement he caused numerous landslides, creating numerous lakes and a "terraced" structure in the valley.

From the Borgo Savassa Bassa you reach the Negrisiola Lake, an artificial lake rich in aquatic fauna. After passing a small bridge, turn left and follow the road that runs along the bank, heading north. Once you reach the farmhouse "Il Bosco", the road becomes a path and comes out near the Enel power station, in Rinforzo locality. We turn left along the S.S. Alemagna for a hundred meters. Then we take Via delle Sorgenti on the right. After passing the village, a trail passes under the pylons of the motorway overpass and reaches the Restello lake (or San Floriano lake). After passing the village it is possible to cross the barrier and make a small detour to reach the ancient roman tower, built between 15 and 8 BC.

Retracing our steps, we pass the dam bridge and follow Via del Restello uphill for 500 m. Arriving at the junction with Via del Borgo Botteon we turn left towards the Enel power station in Nove and continue along Via del Lagusel, to the Borgo "Basso Nove". Here we turn left and pass the houses. Then we go up the road and at the junction we turn left and we reach the equipped area Piana degli Alpini.

From here continue uphill on the dirt track, being careful not to take the deviation that goes to the left because it leads to the cistern of the hydroelectric power station. Then you will reach the meadows of Croda Rossa, from which you can admire the whole of the Val Lapisina. Arrived at the paved road, you can decide to make a detour to reach the Borgo Croda Rossa (650 m away), now abandoned, and then go down along Via Crodarossa and Via Tragol de Rova, until you reach the village of Forcal. From here, always following the paved road, you can make a detour to Savassa Alta to reach the source of the Meschio River, following Via Forcal downhill and returning to the starting point.


Osteria Forcal - Via Forcal 3, Vittorio Veneto TV

Kilometro 19 - Via Nove alto, 73, Nove di Vittorio Veneto TV

Antica Vittorio - Largo Di Porta Cadore, 20, Vittorio Veneto TV