LA TERRA DEI PALEOVENETI - The Land of the Paleo-Venetians
LA TERRA DEI PALEOVENETI - The Land of the Paleo-Venetians


Path: Villa di Villa - Case Bianche - Lama Valent - Prati Posocol - Monte Castelir - Rugoletto - Villa di Villa
Length: 7 km
Difference in altitude: 400 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 2:30 hours


This itinerary aims to retrace the settlement lands of the early Paleoveneti on the slopes at the foot of the Cansiglio.

You can park near Via Valbona in Villa di Villa, upstream of the Castelat, the ruins of the ancient castle. Go up Via Valbona to the Casa Gava, turn around behind the house and go up the path that goes into the wood uphill. When you reach the paved road, turn right and continue uphill along the paved road, pass the Case Bianche, an ancient patronal house with a beautiful sundial on the facade. Just before the barrier, in Framos, turn left and take path 1060. At the junction in La Lela locality continue to the right and do not lose the red-white trail, in some places the path is very rocky but does not present technical difficulties. In Penacio locality continue on the uphill mule track, passing the beautiful Lama Valent, always rich in frogs, and continue uphill until you reach the small capital with the Madonna, here turn left to continue along the path 1060. Once you reach the bed of the stream always dry, cross it and take the path on the left that goes up it in the middle of the wood, until you come to the splendid lawn with the well. Pass the well keeping the west direction and exit the meadow along the dirt track. When you reach the barrier, leave it to your left and continue along the large lawn, always in a westerly direction, until you reach the grove. Here you can see the trail, barely visible in the vegetation, which for about ten meters allows you to go beyond it in an uncomfortable way.

Go out onto the road, cross it and pass under the wooden arch indicating "Baita delle Cornole", go past the houses and continue along the mule track that goes slightly downhill. After a few hundred meters you reach the paved road in the Municipality of Sarmede, which goes up to Mount Castelir, here turn right and continue along the steep paved road up to the top. In summer the road is dotted with wild orchids. At the top you can make a detour to the left to reach the “Chiesetta degli Alpini” and admire the view. Then retrace your steps and continue to the left, passing a wooden capital with the Christ, from here the dirt road takes the number 1040. This route goes around the hill and continues downhill on the southern slope. Arrived behind a beautiful stone house just restored, with a large lawn, pay attention because the path is not indicated but continues steeply to the right and is bordered by a dry-stone wall.

When you reach the dirt road, cross it and continue downhill along the path with the dry-stone wall until you reach a house, at an altitude of 375 m above sea level. Pass it on the right, take the stairs and continue downhill along the path that comes out in Rugoletto. Go 20 m downhill on the paved road and you arrive to a widening. Take the small path on the left that goes behind the houses and then comes out on the paved road that from Rugoletto goes east to Villa di Villa. Turn left and follow the paved road for a couple of kilometers to return to the starting point.


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