LA COSTA DI FREGONA - The Fregona coast
LA COSTA DI FREGONA - The Fregona coast


Path: Costa di Vittorio Veneto - Conca di Bigonzo - Costa di Fregona - Costa di Vittorio Veneto
Lenght: 6,5 km
Difference in altitude: 320 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 2.30 hours


Staring from the parking lot of Costa in Vittorio Veneto, go towards the roundabout, cross the road and turn right onto Via Dalmazia. At the first small road turn left and reach the path that goes up to the church of the Madonna della Salute, a little chruch saved from the earthquake that in the 30s of the last century, led to the landslide of the entire slope. Once reached the church, pass it and continue along the path beyond the fence, turning right. After a few hundred meters, at the junction continue on the path to the left which continues on a slight slope and leads to the western edge of the Fregona Coast.

From here you go up a short steep stretch and reach the path that runs along the ridge. Sometimes there are some variants that allow you to stay more or less on the ridge, but all lead to the eastern end of it. At the end of the coast, after about 2.5 km from the start, you come to a crossroads. To make a detour to Borgo Breda di Fregona to visit the “Grotte del Caglieron”, turn right. While to observe the non-tourist caves and continue our tour choose the path on the left that remains at high altitude.

On the right, for a few dozen meters, you will find some track into the vegetation, due to the passage of visitors curious to "throw an eye" to the ancient quarries, less famous than the Grotte del Caglieron.
After passing a water collection tank on the left, take the path that goes down to via Sfadigà in Piadera, a locality of Fregona. Turn left and follow the path on the left with the indications of the bridle path n° 5 that leads to the San Mamante ranch. Cross it and take the grassy road between the vineyards that goes over a huge poplar and goes into the woods. From here the mule track continues through dense woods and meadows with grazing animals, until it becomes a paved road. In Rindola Alta locality, you can admire stone plaques on the stables engraved with the date of construction, then turn left and resume the path with the indication of the TV 5 trail.

After passing the fence with donkeys, cows and goats continue along the main road, initially cemented then back on the dirt road, until you reach a beautiful residential area. At the junction with the sign indicating the paths of the Treviso bridleways go left, past a villa with a covered swimming pool and turn left onto Via Cesare Beccaria, until you return to Via Dalmazia. Once reached the main road turn left to return to the parking lot.


Ristorante Dal Selvaggio - Via Piadera 3, Vittorio Veneto TV

Osteria Alla Salute - Via Dalmazia 41, Vittorio Veneto TV

Pizzeria Europa - Via Dalmazia 120, Vittorio Veneto TV

Ristorante “Alle Grotte” da Nereo - Via Grotte del Caglieron 33, Fregona TV