IL CANYON DI CORDIGNANO - The Canyon of Cordignano
IL CANYON DI CORDIGNANO - The Canyon of Cordignano


Path: Villa di Villa - Bivio Via Cal del Zot con Via Valbona - Framos - Pianai -Lama del Zei - Castelat - Faidel – Via Cal del Zot
Lenght: km. 3,4
Difference in altitude: 250 m
Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 1:30 hours

A journey to discover the wildest places in the Cordignano hills, created by the action of water that with its incessant flow has shaped the territory and its landscape. Nearby, on the Castelir Hill, numerous historical remains have been found, represented by the discovery of the remains of tombs from the Lombard era.


Starting from the junction of Cal del Zot, go down along the paved road and turn left along the Strada del Faidel, which leads into Cansiglio. On the right you can admire the ruins of Castelat, the ancient castle that was part of a series of piedmont fortifications.

After about 300 m, take a small uphill road on the left and then keep to the right along path 1060. The path runs at the foot of Colle Castelir, on top of which there are numerous ruins of dry-stone walls, identified as the remains of an ancient defensive structure. After passing a rock dedicated to the Madonna, cross the road to stay on the path 1060 and continue uphill until you reach the Lama del Zei. Continue along the road to the first house, on the left you can admire the hill on whose top there is a disused “Roccolo”. Continue along a small path on the left, which leads to the center of the Cordignano canyon: a gorge carved over the millennia by the Ruio stream, once impetuous. Remains of “murazzi” are also visible, built by the locals to slow down the speed of the stream and consequently its erosive and destructive force. Following the path, cross a “casera” in the locality of Framos and continue downhill along the road to an old patronal house called the "White House", with a sundial on the east facade.

Near the bend, take a small path into Via Valbona, continuing downhill and returning at the starting point.


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