I BORGHI DIMENTICATI DELLA VAL LAPISINA - The forgotten villages of Val Lapisina
I BORGHI DIMENTICATI DELLA VAL LAPISINA - The forgotten villages of Val Lapisina


Path: Maren - Scarpedal - Pradal alto - Pradal centro - Naronchie - Santa Augusta - Costa di Serravalle - Valscura – Maren
Lenght: 11 km
Difference in altitude: 485 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 4 hours


This itinerary reach some of the ancient villages, once inhabited, that dot the Costa di Serravalle.

The starting point is the center of the village of Maren. Continue in a northerly direction to the church and go ahead on the paved road that climbs to the right. Then take via Scarpedal, following the indications of the TV trail 5. Once you reach the beautiful stone house, cross the stream and continue on the paved road, which soon becomes a path. Then the road continues gently uphill. From the dense wood you reach the meadows of Pradal Alto, a small village now almost totally abandoned and here there is a historic fountain. Continue straight until you reach Pradal Mezzo, where the asphalt road intersects. Turn left and, past the houses, you’ll find a dirt road. After the village of Naronchie, at the junction, follow the signs for Santa Augusta along the road that goes downhill. Arrived at the next junction continue left uphill and pass the columns that surround the area of ​​the Sanctuary of Santa Augusta. Legend has it that this sanctuary was built on the site of the martyrdom of the Saint, who lived around the 6th century A.D. and was killed by her own pagan father, the leader Maturc. After a visit to the Sanctuary, take the path that goes close to the information panel "The paths of the Val Lapisina" with the Madonna of Agnelezza indicated.

This steep and rocky stretch can be very slippery after the rains. In a very short time, you reach the top of Monte Marcantone with the ruins of the "Turris Nigra", an ancient medieval tower of the defensive system of Serravalle. After passing the high voltage pylon, follow the CAI TV1 trail that continues steeply to reach the ridge.
From now on the path will run on the top of the Costa di Serravalle, always following the red-white trail. Once you reach a clearing in the woods keep the path to the right and continue uphill. Then the path to the right will flank a small rock wall, turn left to enter a small gorge with walls covered with mosses. Continue straight ahead and, past an old cart transporting mining materials, the path coasts an old stone quarry, abandoned in the 1960s.

Since then the forest is advancing and “ornielli” and birch trees have grown everywhere, but the terraced structure typical of the quarries is still clearly visible. At the junction with the forest road, turn left and continue until you reach a widening indicating the path that leads to the "Madonna of Agnelezza". Then take the dirt road that goes up to the left, into a wood full of huge chestnut, beech and hornbeam trees.
During the steep slope you will find numerous ruins of stone houses. After a stretch that runs along an old dry-stone wall, leave the CAI M.A. path and go down to the left on a track that, after about twenty meters, leads to another path. Turn left and go down being careful where you put your feet because the path is steep, uneven and gravelly in some parts. Here the forest is very picturesque with numerous twisted beeches. At the end of the descent you will come out at the first house in Valscura.

Continuing along the road, you descend rapidly until you reach the gates of Maren. At the crossing with via Scarpedal, turn right to return to the starting point.

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