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1060 - ANELLO DEL PATRIARCA - Ring of the patriarch
1060 - ANELLO DEL PATRIARCA - Ring of the patriarch


Path: Lama Valbona - Strada del Patriarca - Parco dei Carbonai - Casera Col Alt - Posoc - Lama Valbona
Lenght: km. 8
Difference in altitude: 508 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 3:30 hours


The itinerary retraces part of an ancient road, the so-called "Strada del Patriarca", wanted by the Patriarch of Aquileia to trade freely with the Belluno area, and built at the end of 1200. Today we don't know exactly where the route passed, for this we propose a ring.

From Villa di Villa take the Strada del Faidel, in the direction of Cansiglio and leave the car, after a few kilometers, in the widening in Lama locality di Valbona at 443 m s.l.m.

The path 1060 is located between the two “casere” at the end of the white road. From now on, follow the path uphill with the red-white signpost; it will intersect the paved road several times. Leaving Valbona locality, when you reach the road turn right, and after a few meters, take path 1060 which goes up to Lama de Nicoi. Pass the Lama, keeping the right side of the road and, at an altitude of 696, turn right to make a stretch on the paved road. Shortly after, turning right, follow the directions for 1060 “Parco dei Carbonai", avoiding the detours along the way.
When you reach Code del Bosco locality turn right and, before taking the path that goes up to the left, you can make a detour by following the dirt road until you reach the centuries-old chestnut called "Castagneron". Then go back and take path 1060 uphill again. After Lama dei Nadalin, you will find a junction (altitude 800 m above sea level), choose the forest track on the left, indicated by a blue square with a yellow border. Pay attention to MTBikers.
At an altitude of 860 meters, keep left to follow the Lamar signs, then continue following the widest forest road and the red and white arrow. Once you reach the paved road, turn left and go down to “Parco dei Carbonai”, a public garden with a picnic area in the middle of the woods and it has also a recharging point for electric bikes. Continue downhill along the road for a few meters and turn right onto Strada Col Alt.
This mule track leads to “Casera Col Alt” (altitude 850 m above sea level), pass it and take the narrow and steep path to the right that goes downhill into the vegetation, follow it up to the fire road. Turn left and at the next junction turn right following the signs 1060. Arriving at the barrier, you can make a quick visit to the Chestnut of the Partisans, which is located on the private property on the lawn in the middle of the bend. This century-old chestnut is so named because within its secret niche the partisans left messages to their comrades. Return to the bar and take the path with red-white signpost that goes around the property of the house and comes out in an underlying “casera”.

Continue downhill along the path “1060 Villa di Villa”, along the path you can see ancient terraces, now reforested and a few “casere”. Arrived at a beautiful decorated house, take the path that continues to the left, until you reach a huge meadow in Posoc locality, here you can stop to rest on the table with the benches, admiring the biodynamic vineyard. At the end of the lawn, near the well, turn left and after a few hundred meters take the track on the right to cross the valley. Once you reach the large Lama Valente, turn left along the white road, pass the bar and cross the paved road, turn left and go up for about twenty minutes, until you return to the starting point.


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