AI PIEDI DEL CANSIGLIO - At the foot of Cansiglio
AI PIEDI DEL CANSIGLIO - At the foot of Cansiglio


Path: Sarmede - Madonna di Val - Rugoletto – Borgo Val – Gibelline - Sarmede
Lenght: Km. 8
Difference in altitude: 450 m
Difficulty: medium
Walking time: 2 hours

A panoramic itinerary that allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Prealpi hills among olive groves, vineyards and ancient mule tracks.

The itinerary starts from the centre of Sarmede and heads towards Montaner along the main road. Take Via I° Maggio on the right and then Via Madonna di Val. The route continues in a rural atmosphere, first on a paved road then on a dirt road until you reach the courtyard of a house. Continue a concrete road that climbs from the right.

The road (closed to traffic) climbs steeply up to the ruins and here, before following in the direction of Rugoletto, we will visit the characteristic Madonna di Val. Along the route there is an interesting and suggestive bamboo forest. Retracing our paces, we climb up to the Rugoletto area. From here we take the uphill road that leads us to Castelir. We take path 1040 (Strada del Patriarca) which is a splendid medieval mule track that leads to the Castelir hill (an important site for prehistoric finds, but not to be confused with the homonymous hill which is located above Villa di Villa).

Then we meet a white road that we follow to the left leaving path 1040. We continue this road for about 300 m. and, after an impluvium, we take the road downhill on the left that lead us to some characteristic “casere”. We will meet a concrete road that descends to the left. We do not take the road and we continue the dirt road until we come out on the roadway that goes up from Val. We take it downhill and, after about a kilometer, we arrive at the church of Santa Cecilia in Val. After that we arrive at the main road that joins Rugolo to Montaner, just before the Trattoria Da Nazzareno.

When we meet a fountain on the right, we will descend on the road that continues towards Gibelline.

Just near the small village there is one of the oldest olive trees in the Veneto region which certifies the presence of olive trees in the area since ancient times ...

From here we continue down a mule track that crosses meadows and vineyards until we reach Via delle Zoppe. Once on the main road we will resume via I° Maggio until we return to the starting point.

Stepan Zavrel International Illustration Exhibition Foundation for children - via Guglielmo Marconi 2, Sarmede TV


Pizzeria L’incanto - Via Caldari 2, Sarmede

Osteria da Toni - Via Borgo Rugolo 7, Rugolo

Ristorante Da Doro - Borgo Rugolo 18, Rugolo

Trattoria da Nazzareno - via Borgo Val 12, Borgo Val