ANTICHI PERCORSI - Ancient paths
ANTICHI PERCORSI - Ancient paths


Path: Cappella Maggiore - Chiesetta Longobarda - San Martino di Colle Umberto - Castelletto - Cappella Maggiore
Length: 7,5 km
Difference in altitude: 60 m
Difficulty: easy, turistic
Walking time: 2 hours


A pleasant walk to discover the typical rural environment of these areas, an alternation of cultivated fields and villages, interspersed with rows of trees and thickets. An evocative path, far from busy roads and cities, a nature you do not expect.

The itinerary starts from the parking lot of the Cappella Maggiore cemetery. Take Via Valeria, a dirt road that in a short time leads us to the “Chiesetta della Santissima Trinità”, built on an ancient Lombard church of the 9th century. Continue along Via Mattarella towards the south and cross the street to enter a small industrial area. At the intersection, continue to the right, pass Borgo Pianche, where you can admire an old mallet with an ancient iron wheel on the right. Then continue along the road that, at this point, becomes a dirt road and runs along a series of cereal crops. On the hill to the right you can admire the work of hydroelectric engineering of Enel and the ancient castle.

Continue west to cross Via Campagnole, turn left and enter San Martino (a hamlet of Colle Umberto). Just past the sign, turn right into via del Giardino, a street where there are some very interesting historic residences, and continue straight along via Ronchedel until engaging via del Ponte. Here, turn right and at the next junction turn slightly left to enter Via dei Roveri. Continue in this direction and, after crossing the paved road, continue straight on Via dei Roveri until you pass the residential area and enter a vineyard. Walk on the grass between the vineyard and the grove and take the paved road again at the end of the field. At the crossroad at the end of via dei Roveri, turn right onto via Masarè which, after a few dozen meters leads us to the main road. The main road leads from Cappella Maggiore to Anzano. Cross the road and turn left to walk along the pavement. After a few hundred meters turn right onto Via Carrettuzza, a steep climb that leads to the hill. Once at the top turn left and follow the signs for "Castelletto Eventi". This castle was part of the hill defense system of the noble Da Camino during the Middle Ages.
With the Venetian expansion of the '400, almost all the castles in the area have been destroyed or fallen into ruins. Admiring the view on the left you can see the town of ​​Montaner. Then descend from the hill along Via Montagnere, pass the Enel canal bridge, and continue along the white road. At the base turn right and, once you reach a beautiful pink house, turn left. Always keeping the main road, which curves to the right, return to the roundabout in the center of the Cappella Maggiore. Follow the cemetery signs to return to the starting point.


Ristorante Da Enzo - Piazza Vittorio Veneto 6, Cappella Maggiore TV

Ristorante Al Castelletto - Via Livel 4, Cappella Maggiore TV