1037 Sentiero del Torchiato - "Torchiato" path
1037 Sentiero del Torchiato -


Path: Centro del Torchiato - Borgo Danese - Col di Osigo - Borgo Luca - Osigo - Centro del Torchiato
Length: Km.5
Difference in altitude: m.170
Difficulty: easy,turistic
Walking time: 2:30 hours


The itinerary starts from the “Centro di Appassimento dei Produttori del Torchiato” in Osigo. Descend along Via Borgo Danese for a few hundred meters, up to a house with an old military-colored van now abandoned.
Near the house, on the service road of the vineyard, exit towards the stream keeping the mule track and continuing until you come out again on the asphalt road in Melere locality.

Continue uphill and reach the main road, turn right and cross the Vizza torrent continuing along Via Col di Osigo.
At the church turn right and make a visit to the Borgo Col di Osigo with its ancient wine press in the middle of the square. Retracing your steps make a short return to Via Col di Osigo on the left and, just before the curve, take the mule track that goes up to the right. Crossing a very characteristic rural area you reach Borgo Luca.
Cross the road and continue straight into the group of houses, go past the fountain and continue straight, as if entering the courtyard, to be able to see the road that continues uphill on the right. Take it and, at a junction with the very bumpy road, choose the option on the left which, in a short time leads to a meadow and a “casera”.

Go past the meadow in a westerly direction and just before reaching the delimiting grove, look to the right until you see the path that goes down into the woods, take it and note the Gova stream in the valley bottom, not always with water. At this point the road widens and continues at high altitude.

Follow the main road that descends a little and turns into a gate. Open it and pass, taking care to close it again, and continue along the vineyard service road leading to the Borgo Sant’Andrea road, turn left onto Via Carnielutti and walk to the center of Osigo.
From here choose via Borgo Danese, the road downhill on the left and at the junction with via Castagnola, turn right to return to the starting point.

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